Vaughn Skow Boutique Tube Amp
Vaughn Skow Boutique Tube Amp


Historic 1957 PAF Set
Historic 1957 PAF Set

Vaughn Skow Boutique Tube Amp
Vaughn Skow Boutique Tube Amp


Vaughn Skow Boutique Tube Amp
Vaughn Skow Boutique Tube Amp


Pickup Props

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Elmo, Nashville super-picker - Historic 1959 Strat Set:

holy shit, these 59's are beautiful. Absolutely feel amazing. Wow. The singer turned around and said, damn that guitar sounds fucking awesome! Lol. I didn't even mention new pickups. Great job Vaughn!

Gabriel, Hamburg Germany - Historic 1959 Strat Set:

Thank you, your Pickups sound for me the best ever, and I have pickups from Sliders, McConachie, Chubtone, Sheptone, Peter Florance, Klein Pu's, but you have nailed thesound like nobody else...

Best Regards,


Amp Praise


"This is a nerd fest of a cool amp for sure, but mostly, it makes the electric guitar feel new and bad ass to me all over again, every time I turn it on".



"Sweet punchy highs and resonating low end. I was shocked at the power of this little amp. And did I mention they are beautiful as well?"




"Vaughn Skow amps are a work of art ... visually AND sonically!"


Roy, Arizona USA - Vaughn's Custom PAF Set:

Those Custom Vaughn Skow 1960 PAF pickups are So Sweet, I could not put my guitar down! I would highly advise anybody to up-grading their guitar with Vaughn Skow pickups, and  to consider upgrading all the pots and wiring, jacks, etc... at the same time with high quality parts. It makes a huge difference in tone and responsiveness.

Jay, Alabama USA - 1964 Historic Strat Set:

Vaughn, I don't remember if sent a thank you reply. I would like to say Thank You, and I will definetly be ordering more pick ups from you.


Your loyal client


Michel, Herrenberg Germany, Historic 1954 Strat Set:

Holy (Shi..) cow....

don't know how you did it, but you did it again. Just as before with the 64 set that you've been sending my way, these 54s are " otherworldly " sounding. They're not just being simply everything I was hoping they'd be, but also

everything one could hope for in a set of singlecoils to put in his strat, EVER!

And yeah... you where nothin' but right there when sayin' :  they're really THAT good!


Having chose your pickups turned out being truly an Experience then to me - the Experience, just feelin' soo... laid back 'bout what is being hailed  " best " out there, once having played yours.


Thank you Vaughn!

Brad, Nashville, TN - Vaughn's Velvet Custom Tele Set:

Man, these Velvet Tele's are like THE Tele pickups EVERYONE wants, super sweet Tele spank that's very big & bold, and the sweetest neck & middle tones I've ever heard from ANY Tele ... peroid!.

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