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Welcome. A New Chapter is beginning!

The Shop is relocating!  It's a BIG relocation.  That's the good news :)
However, while the shop is relocating, production will be paused, as such, no orders are being taken at this time.

Pickup Props
Elmo, Nashville super-picker - Historic 1959 Strat Set:

holy shit, these 59's are beautiful. Absolutely feel amazing. Wow. The singer turned around and said, damn that guitar sounds fucking awesome! Lol. I didn't even mention new pickups. Great job Vaughn!

Gabriel, Hamburg Germany - Historic 1959 Strat Set:

Thank you, your Pickups sound for me the best ever, and I have pickups from Sliders, McConachie, Chubtone, Sheptone, Peter Florance, Klein Pu's, but you have nailed thesound like nobody else...

Best Regards,


Roy, Arizona USA - Vaughn's Custom PAF Set:

Those Custom Vaughn Skow 1960 PAF pickups are So Sweet, I could not put my guitar down! I would highly advise anybody to up-grading their guitar with Vaughn Skow pickups, and  to consider upgrading all the pots and wiring, jacks, etc... at the same time with high quality parts. It makes a huge difference in tone and responsiveness.

Amp Praise


"This is a nerd fest of a cool amp for sure, but mostly, it makes the electric guitar feel new and bad ass to me all over again, every time I turn it on".



"Sweet punchy highs and resonating low end. I was shocked at the power of this little amp. And did I mention they are beautiful as well?"




"Vaughn Skow amps are a work of art ... visually AND sonically!"


Jay, Alabama USA - 1964 Historic Strat Set:

Vaughn, I don't remember if sent a thank you reply. I would like to say Thank You, and I will definetly be ordering more pick ups from you.


Your loyal client


Michel, Herrenberg Germany, Historic 1954 Strat Set:

Holy (Shi..) cow....

don't know how you did it, but you did it again. Just as before with the 64 set that you've been sending my way, these 54s are " otherworldly " sounding. They're not just being simply everything I was hoping they'd be, but also

everything one could hope for in a set of singlecoils to put in his strat, EVER!

And yeah... you where nothin' but right there when sayin' :  they're really THAT good!


Having chose your pickups turned out being truly an Experience then to me - the Experience, just feelin' soo... laid back 'bout what is being hailed  " best " out there, once having played yours.


Thank you Vaughn!

Brad, Nashville, TN - Vaughn's Velvet Custom Tele Set:

Man, these Velvet Tele's are like THE Tele pickups EVERYONE wants, super sweet Tele spank that's very big & bold, and the sweetest neck & middle tones I've ever heard from ANY Tele ... peroid!.

PLEASE NOTE: Stock Models available for imediate purchase at Warehouse Guitar Speakers:,

For CUSTOM orders, questions, or to buy direct, click on "contact" & tell me what you need.

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