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If you want the whole story, give my "About" page a read. This here's what we used to call the "Readers Digest Condensed Version".

I've been modifying, building, and repairing guitars and amps since I was a pre-teen. To me, it's always been as natural as breathing. I installed my first humbucking bridge pickup in a strat, complete with a coil-tap and phase reverse switches, in about 1978 ... at the ripe old age of 12! (It was a Dimarzio Super Distortion, of course.) Over the last few decades I have realized that I'm a TONE guy. Sure, I love the guitars themselves; it's just that I really, really, really love TONE. I have owned, and currently do own a very nice collection of holy-grail amps. After spending time with a nice complement of high-end boutique amps, I came to the determination that my desert island rig would probably be a pre-CBS strat through a tweed, brown, or blackface Fender.

This was a milestone, and it took me directly back to the future. My first "real" electric was a strat, and my first amp was a brown Fender Deluxe. (Actually my VERY first was an abomination that got me grounded, but you'll need to read the "About" page for that story).

And so I began to collect the most simple of tube amps from the 1940s to 1960s. I've analyzed, blueprinted and modified circuits to arrive at true holy-grail level tone.

The amps I build from true vintage components from the 1950s and 60s (along with modern components where prudent) are for connoisseurs who like their tone straight-up, with no chaser. They take pedals better than ANY amp ever produced; but the tone of nothing but a guitar and a cable is fully to die for. These are impeccable vintage amps, that I just happen to make today.

The pickups I make are what you would get if you took any 100 sets of Strat, Tele, and Gibson pickups from the late 50s to mid 60s ... and only kept the BEST set of each; yea, THAT good.

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