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Tele Upgrade Pickup Sets, 100% Hand-Made By Pickup Artists Who CARE!

Vaughn Skow Vaughns Velvet Tele Pickup S

Vaughn's Velvet Custom Telecaster® Set

On the bridge, you'll have absolutely NO ice-pick and a good heaping helping of smooth-as-velvet warmth and natural compression. The  Neck pickup will have Strat players envying YOUR neck tone for once! Bottom line, this Alnico II set will wash over you like fat, sweet warm butter.

List: $269     Direct Price: $229

Vaughn Skow Historic 1952 Tele pickup te

1952 Historic-Hot Telecaster®/ Broadcaster / Nocaster set

After a brief stint as the Broadcaster followed by an even briefer stint as the non-labeled "Nocaster", 1952 became the year of the Telecaster! What a year. The pickups in these first-year Teles were virtually unchanged from the smokin’ hot Broadcaster pickups.

List: $269     Direct Price: $229

Vaughn Skow Historic 1957 Tele Pickup.JP

1957 Historic-Hot White-Guard Telecaster® set

The ultimate Bakersfield white-guard Tele tone! By 1957 Fender had completely shifted to stronger, brighter AlNiCo V magnets and slightly lower wind counts. 1957 was a bit of an anomaly, as some Telecaster pickups were wound a little hotter that year. There is only speculation as to exactly why it happened, but no one disputes the results: pure magic!

List: $269     Direct Price: $229

52 Tele.jpg



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