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BRAD SAMPLE  Nashville Super Picker


I feel like the nerd-out portions of boutique amp reviews and what not has gotten out of hand these days. Transformer this, bias that, hand wired whatever, made from the tears and re constituted divinity of cherubs from Zeus' inner court... I think it's all a bit much. The VS Mark1 C1 can boast all of these things and more, but when it really comes down to it, I bought this amp because it makes me want to play my guitar. It feels alive. You perceive and hear every nuance and intention your fingers want to preform straight out of the speaker. It becomes an extension of your playing the same way all the classics do. You know that your tone is in good hands the second you turn it on. I feel while playing it that the care I took in honing my craft as a player is matched equally by Vaughn's care in making the perfect platform for the viscera that is music. It holds up in any situation, any style, any gig. This is a nerd fest of a cool amp for sure, but mostly, it makes the electric guitar feel new and bad ass to me all over again, every time I turn it on.


Dr. Mojo  Custom Guitar Builder to the Stars


"Vaughn Skow amps are a work of art ... visually AND sonically!"


Brad Sample

Nashville Super-Picker. 


Always in demand, and currently on tour with Chuck Wicks, Brad is among the generation of Nashville players poised to dominate the upcoming decades.

Dr. Mojo

Custom Guitar Builder to the Stars


Dr. Mojo builds the finest guitars this side of 1965. We’re glad to have the Doctor on our team!

MARTY PELTO   Shreadmaster 


I am blown away by the Vaughn Skow combo. They pack a punch and provide a great tone. Sweet punchy highs and resonating low end. I was shocked at the power of this little amp. And did I mention they are beautiful as well?

Marty Pelto



2013 Sam Ash Best In Shred winner. Recently opening for Steve Vai.  Lead guitarist for Snow Black Sunday.

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