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Are you a pro player with a high-profile gig? Then I just may want to put one of my amps in your hands as much as ... well, you want to put one in your hands :-)

I'm launching the best amps into the world, and I need the best players to help me do that. Yep, we're talking endorsement deals here. And, unlike some of the other boutique builders, I'm young & hungry ... I WANT YOU!

The term "Limited time Only" is so over-used that most folks just assume it's a lie; it's not here. Once these gals get out and start mesmerizing, I'll be taking orders for amp builds a year out, and will have no need to cut deals!

I won't be giving amps away, but I will be offering discounts in the 50% range. If you're interested, shoot me an email and blow your own horn like crazy. I'll probably limit these deals to about three or four amps, so impress me!

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