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Why I Make Pickups!

After more than two years in development, I’m officially announcing the addition of Vaughn Skow guitar pickups. The pickups will be sold exclusively through the WGS (Warehouse Guitar Speakers) site, and direct from me via custom-order.

Folks, I am a bona-fied, certified transducer nut! Speakers, pickups and microphones have been my passion for more than 30 years; and for that reason I am totally jazzed to officially be making guitar pickups for the masses.

My pickups will be strictly for those who want absolute impeccable tone. All of my designs will be from the truly golden period of electric guitar design, 1954-1969. Yes, there are others out there doing more-or-less this same thing. My hat is off to pioneers like Jason Lollar and Curtis Novak, without whom there may have never existed a market for truly remarkable vintage-voiced pickups. What I do is, for the most part, the same thing: I use absolutely the finest materials available, and make the pickups with a fanatical attention to detail and precision.

For those of you who play guitars with more than six strings, and tune to God-awful in-accurate low string-flapping in the wind tunings, well … just quit reading and buy some Chinese-,made active pickups. My pickups are not for you.

Just like I believe Neumann, Telefunken, and AKG were making the world’s finest microphones prior to 1950, I believe Leo Fender and Seth Lover (Gibson) were making the finest pickups the world has ever known … all prior to about 1965. These were truly “Glory Days” for the electric guitar, long before mechanized mass-production of electric guitars. Back then, electric guitars, and of course pickups, were designed and produced by people who, for the most part, loved guitars, played guitars, and as a result manufactured them with an attention to detail that is unheard of by today’s mass-manufacturers.

The problem was that they were a bit hampered by the technology that was available to them at that time. As a result of analog wind counters driven by rubber-bands, and inconsonant wire and magnet stock, pickup quality varied substantially. Today it is well known that a classic “pre-CBS” Fender may have true holy-grail tone, or it may be a bit of a sonic dud. This is where my story begins.

I believe the “recipes” developed for pickups of about 1954-1969 have never truly been bested, but their consistency can be improved. In a nutshell, that’s exactly what I do; take the absolute best designs of this period and build the pickups with precision that was unavailable to Leo & Seth. The results are stunning and consistent.

Check out available models on my PICKUP PAGE!

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